Mythic Legions: Lijae - of the Elven Elite Guard

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4. Full Payment Now $49.99 ($10.00 Non Refundable if order cancelled) 


Lijae, of the Elite Elven Guard was created through a  partnership with one of Four Horsemen Studios’  retailers, making it a perfect addition to our “Retailer  Only” wave! This figure features a fan likeness as part  of a brand new head sculpture! That head also includes  a removable elven helmet which also fits onto the  second head - a half-orc. 

This figure also includes 2 sets of upper arms and  upper legs (fully armored and unarmored in black) plus  4 weapons - an elven shield, short sword, quiver, and  long bow.

Link to pay off remaining balance and or payment plan can be found under remaining balance drop down menu.  Please make sure you are paying under the correct link.  There will be a page for options one and two.  There will be a separate page for the payment plan participants.
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