Cosmic Legions: Zeeri

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Subject Information

  • Name - Common Use: Zeeri
  • Name - Full: Zeerian Spyre
  • Race: Zuvan / Zuvanoid
  • Affiliation: GraveRing / The Mortal Thorn
  • Planet of Origin: Theerius

Gathered Intelligence on this Subject:

Once a famous bioengineer on her homeworld of Theerius, Zeeri rejected the unwanted celebrity status that was thrust upon her. Known for her breakthrough discovery of the regenerative formula eventually known as Thryxium, she disappeared from sight when her discovery was forcefully taken away and used for motives that were less-than-benevolent.   

Toy Details

  • Released In: Hvalkatar: Book One
  • Accessories: Sniper rifle with strap, 2 blaster pistols, Cosmerrium hologram attachment
  • Additional Heads: Yes, 2 heads total plus a removable mask
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