Figura Obscura: Headless Horseman - Spectral Green

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ESTIMATED SHIP DATE  October 2023 - November 2023 (DATES MAY CHANGE)

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Rumored to have been bewitched long ago, stories of strange happenings and distant voices on the air have long  been told in Sleepy Hollow. The most dominant spirt that haunts this enchanted region is that of a headless,  cloaked rider atop a great black steed – the Headless Horseman. Said to be the restless ghost of a Hessian  Trooper who lost his head to a cannonball during some long-forgotten battle of the Revolutionary War, the  Headless Horseman rides forth on the blackest of nights, desperately searching for his lost head. Any who are  unfortunate enough to meet the Galloping Hessian on his ride are never to be seen again, the only proof of their  encounter with the dread apparition being the shattered remains of the jack-o-lantern he often uses in place of  his lost head.  

NOTE: This “spectral green” edition of the Headless Horsemen includes glow in the dark features! The flames on  his pumpkin, as well as the green accents on the horse will glow in the dark!

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