Mythic Legions - Poxxus - Arrizak

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Once a young wizard rising through the ranks of The Convocation of Bassylia, Arrizak is a devious and cruel sorcerer bent on promulgating the word of Poxxus. Unsatisfied with the ancient approved texts of Agbendor that his fellow acolytes were studying, Arrizak was constantly thirsting for more - more knowledge, more spells, and more power. His pursuits led him away from the realm of Ophidionn and the Tower of Bassylia and into the realm of Nethergate where he gathered with members of The Circle of Poxxus. One convening was all that it took for Arrizak to find his new home amongst like-minded sorcerers searching for insight into sinister power.

Character Details

  • Faction: Circle of Poxxus
  • Race: Human
  • Role: Sorcerer

Toy Details

  • Released In: Poxxus
  • Accessories: Magic staff, magical effects, 3 sets of hands
  • Additional Heads: Yes - 2 heads total, one with a relaxed face and another with a "yelling" face