Mythic Legions: Rising Sons - Bodvar (Bear Mount)

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Bodvar (Bear Mount)


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Character Details

  • Faction: House of the Noble Bear
  • Race: Bear
  • Role: Mount

                          Toy Details

                          • Released In: Rising Sons
                          • Accessories: Removable saddle, extra set of "swiping" hands, neck connector to allow the head to look forward when standing on 2 feet
                          • Additional Heads: Yes - normal and roaring expression heads


                                                  In the days before the House of the Noble Bear marched from the colds of Bjorngar towards inevitable war, Attlus the Conqueror returned to the home he once shared with his wife, Risha. Making his way to the tree under which he had buried her body, the tree whose desecration by orc raiders led to Attlus picking up his blades once again, the barbarian was greeted with an unexpected sight. A gigantic bear sat by the charred remains of the tree, its head bowed and eyes closed as if in silent prayer. Wary of alarming the bear, Attlus backed away quietly, but the bear opened his eyes and looked his way. Attlus felt his breath leave his body. He saw his wife’s eyes reflected in the gaze of that beast, and the barbarian king knew that somehow, his wife had sent this creature to his side in his most desperate hour. Together, man and beast left Risha’s Grove, as Attlus the Conqueror rode Bödvar towards the greatest battle the Realm of Mythoss had ever seen.