Mythic Legions: Rising Sons - Regarionn

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Character Details

  • Faction: House of the Noble Bear
  • Race: Northlands Minotaur
  • Role: Survivalist

                    Toy Details

                    • Released In: Rising Sons
                    • Accessories: Hammer, 2 skulls that can be added to the connectors on his belt
                    • Additional Heads: No


                                      Northlands Minotaurs are some of the heartiest members of the Cloven race, in part due to the extreme climates they make their homes in. Attacked and cornered by poachers, Regarionn was rescued by Attlus the Conqueror. Once a prisoner himself who was forced to fight for the amusement of others, Attlus refused to let another fall to that fate. Fighting beside each other, a lifelong friendship and alliance was formed. While the strength of Regarionn is a boon to Attlus’ army, it is his keen survival instincts amidst the unforgiving colds of Bjorngar which have made him such a valuable member of the House of the Noble Bear.